Original spare parts for Coin-Op machines

Spare parts

“La Clinica del Coin-op” reserves, as well as for the Arcade Cabinets, particular care also for the restoration of the electrical and mechanical part of the Coin – op machines.

The machines are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also perfectly functioning. These is among the greatest strenghts and pride points of “La Clinica”.

The technicians of “La Clinica” are always looking for original pieces for Coin – Op machines, re-adapting or partly rebuilding the used pieces, sometimes buying copies of the original, giving new life and luster to the machines, totally reconditioned.

The value of spare parts

Those who buy a machine “taken care” by “La Clinica”, have the certainty to take home an object that can give a double emotional experience: the one of aesthetic design and also that of gaming and entertainment.

Are you passionate about Vintage machines?

We are at your complete disposal for any inquiries regarding new and restored vintage and Coin – Op machines.